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2020/22 General Committee Elected Nominees

Congratulations to the following seven (7) members who were nominated for Officers of the Club who have now been elected for the term of two (2) years 2020-2022:


Garry joined SYC in June 1998 and is the owner of Esprit (SM477).  Garry enjoys sailing, cruising and racing on Wednesdays, Thursday Twilights and Saturdays.  

Garry has served on General Committee for 10 years including two years as Rear Commodore and two years as Vice Commodore.

Garry is nominating for Commodore because, “I have been a Member of SYC for over 20 years. I have served on General Committee for the last 10 years. It would be a great honour to serve in the role as Commodore as there are a range of ongoing projects in which I am extensively involved. These include the asset maintenance and replacement plan, marina upgrade, yard review including replacement travel lift, northern podium refurbishment, dredging and future planning matters.

My passion for SYC comes from my enjoyment of sailing and the convivial social activities the Club undertakes. Wednesday Wonders racing is looked forward to on a weekly basis in my Beneteau Esprit.

Professionally, I am a retired engineer and am currently the Chairman of Hunt Engineering & Staff Pty Ltd, a local fabrication, laser cutting and tank manufacturing business. I see my role on the Committee as a practical one. The Club has an extensive asset base and I provide wide ranging assistance with the marina, boatyard and buildings. My expertise lends itself to all aspects of feasibility assessment, project management, technical assistance and professional engineering expertise. I have a great working relationship with all SYC stakeholders.

Over my time on the Committee I have developed a tremendous amount of respect for our dedicated staff and look forward to working with them to achieve outcomes which enhance member benefits and participation.”

View Garry’s Nomination Form



Sue became a member of SYC in December 2002 and since joining, Sue has enjoyed ocean and bay racing for many years on several different SYC boats including Esprit, Young Ones, Rumbeat to name a few.  In addition, she has competed at Airlie, Hamilton Island, Magnetic Island and in the Kings Cup, Phuket. 

Sue and her partner, Charles Pukallus, owned a Cavalier 975 for 14 years and they have enjoyed many Recreational Boating events run by SYC, as well as general cruising to destinations around Port Phillip.  More recently, they have upgraded to a Bavaria 41 which they are looking forward to racing and cruising with for many years to come.

Sue served on the Recreational Boating Committee for several years before becoming the Recreational Boating Club Captain.  For a 15 month period during October 2015 and January 2017, Sue was the SYC Boating Manager where she was fortunate to learn a great deal about how the Club operates.  This was not just from the perspective of the Boating Office but, through interaction with the other Department Heads, she got a good understanding of the other functions within SYC.   Sue has also volunteered many times for the very popular Discover Sail Days held at SYC and other extremely worthwhile events such as Kids with Cancer.

Sue says her reasons for standing for Vice Commodore are; “I have had the pleasure of serving on General Committee for several years and feel that this experience, combined with my experience as Boating Manager for 15 months, have gained me a great understanding of SYC and how it operates. I am passionate about SYC and the Members and I would like to contribute to the ongoing success of this great club.  Having served as Rear Commodore for the last 2 years, I am looking forward to stepping up to Vice Commodore and representing the members in this capacity.”

View Sue’s Nomination Form


Mark has been a member of SYC since 1980 when he joined SYC’s Off the Beach fleet of International Cadets.  He then moved into Keelboat racing where he been participating with his father Mike on a series of well-campaigned SYC-based yachts. Currently, Mark regularly races on Wicked which he ‘co-skippers’ with Mike, as well as participating on the occasional recreational boating event.  In addition to his on-water participation, Mark has also been very active on various committees throughout his time at SYC including: General Committee Ordinary Member (including strategic planning committee) 2007-2009, Club Captain – Sail 2009-2012 and a member of Sail Committee 2014-2020.

Mark’s reasoning for standing is: “With a long-standing, deep passion for our club, I am keen to continue a focus on maintaining SYC as a leading yachting and boating club in Australia, that offers recognised value to its members. The club is there to serve its members and I would like to continue the terrific momentum the current General Committee has achieved in delivering value to members. I am also keen to support the achievement of the objectives outlined in the latest SYC Strategic Plan, whilst continuing to develop that plan in line with member needs.”

View Mark’s Nomination Form

Treasurer – greg winnett

Greg first joined SYC in 1976 as a Junior and then re-joined as a Senior Member in 2017.  Whilst sailing as a junior he sailed in various OTB classes and progressed to Keelboat racing.  Since rejoining, Greg now sails with Commodore Ashley Trebilcock on his Beneteau First 40, Bandit.

Greg is a current member of the SYC Finance, Audit & Risk Committee (FARC) working alongside Treasurer Scott Sampson and other members of FARC.  Greg also volunteered during the recent 2019/20 Laser Regattas.

Greg says he is standing for Treasurer because, “I would like to give back by contributing my accounting, audit and commercial experience, to make a valuable contribution to our fabulous Club which I have had an association since first joining as a junior member in the mid 70’s.  I’ve been very fortunate in my professional career working in the financial services industry primarily as a Corporate Auditor for the past 35 years.  I consider the skills gained enable me to provide advice to support the General Committee along with senior management and ensure a sound financial future for our Club on behalf of all members.  I have served on several Boards and Committees including not-for-profit and community-based sporting clubs, most recently as Treasurer for my son’s Junior Football Club for the past ten years.  I grew up sailing at SYC and made many friendships.  I have thoroughly enjoyed being back at the Club and look forward to many more years of sailing and others activities around the Club.  I consider SYC a very well run organisation with first class facilities and a wonderful culture.  If given the opportunity I look forward to working with Richard, Paul and Helen along with the General Committee members to keep our Club the premier boating facility on Port Phillip.”

View Greg’s Nomination Form

CLUB CAptain sail – rob date

Rob has been a member at SYC since 2006 and is a passionate sailor/yacht racer. Rob has been sailing for almost all of his life. He began in Off the Beach dinghies and sailed them until 1990. The 1990’s saw him sailing both OTB and Keelboats. In the early 2000’s he had almost exclusively moved into Keelboats with his craft always called Scarlet Runner.  Rob enjoys encouraging new and inexperienced persons to join like minded people of all ages to get into the best sport in the world.

Whilst being a member at SYC Rob has been involved as an organiser and supporter of various class groups and I spent a few years on General Committee, but most recently as a member of Sail Committee.

Rob says he is nominating for Club Captain Sail because, “Keelboat yachting at SYC is very well run and organised. I love my yachting and this is an opportunity to give back. My goals are to increase participation in Saturday racing and to improve the Clubs involvement of women in sailing.”

View Rob’s Nomination Form

CLUB CAptain off the beach – andrew crawshaw

Andrew joined SYC in 2015 and since then has been heavily involved in Dinghy racing and training.  He has been a member on the OTB Committee for six years, the Sail Sandy Committee for three years and has volunteered at various SYC Discover Sailing days, OTB working bees and OTB race days.

Andrew is standing for Club Captain Off the Beach because, “It’s great to belong!  I have been an active member for a few years now with my kids moving through the Tackers program, Optis, BICs and now into 9ers and my wife started sailing Tasars.  I have watched the kids grow through OTB and think its just such a great opportunity. As an adult sailor, I find myself making more and more friends within the sailing community and I just want that to be available to as many people as possible. OTB is a vibrant place with SYC, and I would like to continue to build on the base that Cath (Furey), Terry (George) and Dave (Suda) have built.”

View Andrew’s Nomination Form

CLUB CAptain recreational boating – david mccutcheon

David joined SYC on 22 December 2010 and his boating interests include almost anything on water (when time permits), from cruising, fishing (normally not so successfully) and Navigation rallies.

Since being a member, David has volunteered and assisted with Recreational Boating activities including running “how to” presentations and events.  David has had many successes since during his time at SYC and was the winner of the SYC Cup NavRally in 2017, 2018 and 2019, the CUB Cup winner in 2017 and 2019, SYC Recreational Boating Person of the Year 2016/17 and the 2018 Australian Sailing Victorian Motor Yacht Person of the Year.

David is putting his hand up for Club Captain – Recreational Boating because, “I have had the opportunity to enjoy many of the activities the Club offers it’s members, be it crewing on a Keelboat for a number of years on a Saturday (thanks Tony for your patience), participating in Cruise in Companies, competing in Navigation Rallies, listening to fascinating Guest Speakers, attending great functions all year round or even just catching up in the bar on a Friday night for Key draw.

Whilst I have not been a member of a committee prior to nominating for Club Captain – Recreational Boating, my wife Kate’s participation as a member of the Recreational Boating Committee for six years has allowed me to see some of the effort that the three preceding Captains and their dedicated Committee have put into the club. My professional background as both a pilot and as a manager running Flying Operations at several airlines (including starting an overseas airline) has provided me with the planning, leadership and organisational skills to actively work with the Recreational Boating Committee and the broader Club community.

Should I be elected it would be an absolute privilege to work with the volunteers and Club staff to maintain, develop and where possible improve both the on and off water recreational boating activities that are offered to all members of this great Club.

View David’s Nomination Form