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WW Summer Series 2019-20 Race 9 – Fastest Race of the Summer

Sunday, 8th December 2019

Despite a 2 minute handicap increase for the majority of yachts in the race it was not enough to prevent the completion of the fastest race of the summer. A south westerly breeze of about 15 knots with choppy seas helped the fleet sail an 8 leg 10.2 nautical mile course in a median elapsed time of 1:39:30 – by far the quickest this series. It came to an end when the last yacht crossing the finish line at 15:54:02. The strong wind warning issued earlier but later withdrawn probably resulted in the smallest fleet of the series. Thirty one yachts started the race but with 3 yachts retiring only 28 finished. It was a particularly good day for early starters with 6 of them among the first 10 yachts to finish including the 3 podium finishers who started 4th, 2nd, and 3rd. Read more …