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WW Summer Series 2019-20 Race 10 – Hunted Too Quick for the Hunters

Friday, 13th December 2019

With seven of the first 10 yachts to cross the finish line being among the first 10 yachts to start this was a good result for the early starters. They proved difficult to catch with the first 3 yachts across the finish line starting 3rd, 10th and 4th. Although the late starters tried hard none were among the first third of the fleet to finish. The average wind speed of 17 knots from the south south west was the strongest for a WW race this summer resulting in a fast race that was all over by 16:07:41. With a rhumb line distance of 9.8 nautical miles course 13 wasn’t short but it resulted in the second fastest elapsed time of the series. Read more …