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Wild Wild West Night – 29 April 2016

WOW, what a night!  Thank you to those Members’ and guests, who came along, dressed to the theme, joined in the line dancing and had a wild wild night on Friday 29 April.

The Port Phillip Room looked like a western Saloon filled with some wild country and westerners who filled the dance floor as they were entertained by the fabulous Crawdaddy’s 7 piece party band! 

We had 20 of the best from the Boots n Us line dancing troupe take to the floor in the band breaks and…who knew we had so many wannabe boot scooters among us!! 

Best dressed prizes were awarded to:

  • Cheryl Renouf (Indian Squaw)
  • Mary McCauley (Indian Squaw)
  • Lex O’Connor (Boss Hog) and Sandy Adolfson (Pocahontas)
  • Smithy and the Girl (Woody from Toy Story and Calamity Jane)
  • Phil Strong (Wyatt Earp)

Special thanks to the following:

  • Catherine Skelton for donating of first prize of the rocking horse
  • Our new found cross-dresser, Tommy Raft (Dolly Parton) for the abundance of fruit and veggies!
  • Margaret Murphy and dancers from Boots n Us!




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