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Wednesday Wonders Summer Series 2019-20 Race 7 – Great Skill or Good Luck?

Saturday, 23rd November 2019

There were challenges at both the start and finish of this race. The downwind start saw four yachts too soon. One of them was over by a whisker – a whisker pole that is – which strayed across the line as the yacht “ran down the line”. The second challenge developed during the later stages of the race when the sea breeze was gradually overcome by a northerly. This turned a reach into a beat to the finish at least for some of the 42 yacht fleet. After being only 19 minutes 57 seconds apart at the first rounding of SYC 4 the wind shift saw the fleet finish the race 49 minutes 4 seconds apart. All but one yacht completed the 9.8 nautical mile course 25 in a variable breeze that averaged about 10 knots for the afternoon. Read more…