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Wednesday Wonders Summer Series 2019-20 Race 14 – Windiest Wednesday of the Series

Wednesday, 29th January 2020

The wind during the afternoon was a consistent northerly not dropping below 24 or exceeding 31 knots, an average wind speed of 28 knots makes this the windiest Wednesday afternoon of the series so far. There was a maximum gust of 43 knots. The average wind speed recorded at Fawkner Beacon for the past 14 afternoons is about 15 knots with a minimum of 7.5 for race 8 and maximum of 28 for this abandoned race. Needless to say the race was abandoned becoming the 5th casualty of the summer. At the same stage of 2018-19 summer series only 2 races had been abandoned and the summer series before that only 1 race had been abandoned. To read more click here.