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End of Season Handicap Reductions WW Summer Series 2021 Race 18

Monday, 10th May 2021

A heightened level of excitement filled the air even before the start of the race when it was discovered there had been a wholesale reduction in handicaps. The excitement was tempered when it was realised that the handicaps of almost all yachts had been reduced rather than just the odd one. This handicap reduction, which averaged about 3 minutes, caused a fall in the average handicap of the yachts in the aggregate from 31 to 28 minutes and the range of handicaps fell from 51 to 47 minutes.

 The 18th race of the series saw a 35 yacht start the competition around the 7 leg 10.6 nautical mile course 40, on relatively flat seas under partially cloudy skies, with a breeze that averaged about 11 knots and for the most part came from the south south east. Of the 35 starters, one retired leaving 34 yachts to finish the race … Read more