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Wednesday Wonders Race 3 Summer 2017-2018 – Flat water & wind – a great formula for big yachts

Tuesday, 24th October 2017

The Forecast Mark prefers using the Willy Weather forecast, but would be interested to hear from other skippers or crew to know which is their favourite weather site. Please send Mark your favourite site and address.The Forecast for Race 3 was for only slight variations in wind strength and a Northerly throughout the day. Strength at 10:00 ~ 17knts dropping to 16 knts by 12:00. Then decreasing to 15knts ~ 13:00 and 14.3knts ~ by 16:00. This made it an easy decision to select a suitable sail. The actual wind at Fawkner was very close to the forecast with a few stronger gusts. The average wind was 18knts. Maximum 22 knts at 14:10, and the strongest gust of 25knts was at 17:30 … Read More