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Wednesday Wonders Race 19 Winter 2017 – Finally the wind arrives and lasts the whole Race

Monday, 14th August 2017

Starting at the Start

Mark received a communication from a disgruntled Wednesday Wonders sailor. He can only plead staff shortage due to the call of the sea.

What was omitted last week has been a vital element of Wednesday Wonders – the all important Start of the Day. So to make amends this epistle is starting with recent winners of this award.


Race 19        Sm 6530        Nutcracker     0:04  Helmsman & Skipper Alistair Murray

Race 18        Sm 32             Foggy Dew   0:05  Helmsman Robert Darcy Skipper, Jo O’Grady

Race 17         Sm430           White Pointer  0:01  Helmsman Bruce Parry Skipper, Tom Raft


First in Race 19 was Sm580 SUMMERWIND sailed by Martyn Sly & Son.

You might have expected more words of wisdom coming from a yacht builder and designer, and his son, a world class tazar sailor, than … “just clean your boat out”, but with a 39 second win Mark is not going to argue with the advice. Read more…