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Wednesday Wonders Race 17 Series 2017-18 – Once in a Blue Moon

Tuesday, 6th February 2018

Dots for Race 17

  • Strong wind warning causes race to be abandoned – 2nd time this series;
  • Beware of Blue Moons and their effect on the wind.
  • Observations at Fawkner Beacon indicated a southerly breeze averaging about 21 knots with gusts averaging 5 knots higher;
  • Last week’s winner (PERFECT SENSE) receives biggest handicap increase of the series – 18 minutes;
  • WHITE POINTER and MYUNA III both receive 7 minute increase to their handicaps after finishing 2nd and 3rd;
  • The next race, Race 18, will count towards the Century Class Series.
  • A reminder about NO ANCHORS on the front of racing yachts

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