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Wednesday Wonders Race 16 Series 2017-18 – Handicap Increase makes Perfect Sense

Monday, 29th January 2018

Start of the Day: AUS214 Blue Tack O:O secs. This is the 5th time for a perfect start. The Median start time for the fleet was 20 seconds.

First: Sm1143 Perfect Sense over the line by biggest winning margin of the series – 7.36 mins. This is her first win from the 4 races she has competed in. Not a bad success rate!

The Ben E toe 43 footer started 6th on a 12 min handicap. She is a similar, but more modern craft than White Pointer, who started on 38 mins. White Pointer has an average of 34.3mins handicap over her last 10 races … Read More