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Two Clubs – One Great Partnership

Friday, 6th December 2019

One enhanced destination for SYC Members is now the wonderful Royal Geelong Yacht Club.

The two clubs have agreed to offer respective Members of both Clubs enhanced visitation benefits, and these include;

  • Boat Owners will now receive 48 hours free berthing at each other’s respective Marina*
  • As part of the above visit, the boat will receive a free entry into the Clubs home race. Furthermore, all crew onboard will receive free Sail Passes for that race.
  • Additionally the visitors will receive full clubhouse & facility access
  • Membership discounts on Food and Beverage in the Member areas
  • And this can be done up to four times per annum.

There’s a couple of conditions – the above offer is for normal club times and club races – it excludes regattas, special events e.g. Festival of Sails and abnormally busy times. So please contact the relevant club as early as possible to arrange your trip.

For more info;

SYC Members                    03 9599 0999     
RGYC Members                 03 5229 3705