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SYC Members’ Ocean Racing!

Monday, 24th December 2018

On behalf of SYC, it is my great pleasure as Club Captain – Sail , to wish all our SYC members who are participating in Blue Water races over Christmas, fair and safe seas.

Yachts ocean racing this Christmas include:

Sydney to Hobart

  • Sm133 Patriot (Jason Close);
  • Sm400 Avalanche (Gary Fisher, Andrew McGrath and Chris Auger)

Melbourne to Hobart

  • Sm3600 Maverick (Rod Smallman & Tom Vaughan);

Melbourne to Devonport

  • Sm8 Dream (Robert Green);

We wish all our SYC yachts great success and we request that you fly the SYC burgee high and proud, knowing that lots of SYC members will be watching and following you closely on tv and on the trackers.

Keep safe and we look forward to celebrating your successes.

If there are other club yachts doing Blue Water racing over Christmas, who have not been listed above, please drop us a line and let us know what you are doing, so SYC members can also follow your success.


Daniel Edwards

Club Captain – Sail