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SYC Member Christina Lake’s visit to Bruxelles Royal Yacht Club

Wednesday, 10th July 2019

SYC Member, Christina Lake recently shared a very pleasant experience at one of our reciprocal clubs, the Bruxelles Royal Yacht Club (BRYC).  After obtaining a letter of introduction from Eimear at reception, this is what happened in Christina’s words when she arrived at BRYC:

I was simply visiting for dinner but BRYC members were having none of that. I was warmly welcomed by all present, then honoured with a tour followed by a 3-gun salute on board The Unicorn, by the boat maker himself, Nicolas Joschko. The Unicorn is a to-scale a replica of King Louise of France’s miniature warship that used to sail the canals of Versailles. After dinner, the bartender gave me a treat from his private collection, a shot of Vecchio Amaro.

The highlight of my night was when BRYC’s Vice Commodore, Mady De pourque-Fobert, presented the Sandringham Yacht Club with a book on the BRYC’s 100-year history.


SYC has reciprocal membership arrangements with many clubs (full list available here). If you are visiting any of these clubs, like Christina did, SYC can arrange a letter of introduction for you. Be sure to speak with Eimear at reception or email Andrea at prior to you visiting any of these clubs so we can assist them in welcoming you. By the same token members of these clubs are welcome at SYC.