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Thursday, 7th December 2017


Dear Members,

Notice of By-Law Amendment
In accordance with Section 34.3 of the Constitution, I am notifying you that the following amendments have been made by General Committee to the Sandringham Yacht Club By-Laws:

Membership Year Change
Members recently approved an initiative at the Annual General Meeting to change the timing of our Membership year. Following that approval, the Clubs By-Laws have also been updated by General Committee to enable this timing change. In essence, SYC is changing the timing of its membership year in 2018 to fit in and be more aligned with the summer sailing season. The new membership year will run from September to August. As our current year concludes at the end of March 2018, we have some transitional work to do including a one off 5 month membership period (1 April – 31 August 2018). The necessary respective By-law changes have been made in the following areas;

  • Section 1.2.1 Definitions: Updated the Club Year definition
  • Addition of Fee Schedule 1b (5 month membership fee schedule)
  • Updating of section 2.12.2 related to subscriptions

Section 10 Club Policy Schedule
Policy 22 Inclement Weather has been added to provide some clarity for Race Officers when it comes to the running of races in inclement weather.

To view the updated By-Laws please go to the website – they are available as both a pdf and or an on screen readable file. 

If you have any queries please let me know so that I may assist.

Yours truly,

richards signature
Richard Hewett
Chief Executive Officer