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The 2017 Annual Ball was thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended.

Beatlemania was the theme and the Port Phillip Room, the room was a sea of black and purple with no detail left unmissed, even down to The Beatles placemats, thanks to SYC Social.  The night included the announcement of the 2017 Stirrer (Daniel Edwards) and Club Person (Andrew Molnar), a delicious three course dinner, great company and a constantly filled dance floor when the fabulous Rubber Soul (Beatles cover band) took the stage.  

Another great event hosted by SYC Social.

Here are the photos taken on the night.  If you would like to purchase any images (with the Snappy Pics watermark), please click here


DSC_0162 DSC_0157 DSC_0156 DSC_0154 DSC_0153 DSC_0152 AJC_3538 AJC_3536 AJC_3534 AJC_3532 AJC_3531 AJC_3530 AJC_3529 AJC_3528 AJC_3527 AJC_3525 AJC_3524 AJC_3522 AJC_3521 AJC_3520 AJC_3519 AJC_3516 AJC_3515 AJC_3511 AJC_3510 AJC_3509 AJC_3508 AJC_3506 AJC_3504 AJC_3503 AJC_3502 AJC_3501 AJC_3499 AJC_3498 AJC_3497 AJC_3495 AJC_3494 AJC_3493 AJC_3492 AJC_3491 AJC_3490 AJC_3489 AJC_3488 AJC_3487 AJC_3486 AJC_3485 AJC_3484 AJC_3482 AJC_3481 AJC_3480 AJC_3479 AJC_3478 AJC_3477 AJC_3476 AJC_3475 AJC_3474 AJC_3473 AJC_3472 AJC_3471 AJC_3470 AJC_3469 AJC_3468 AJC_3467 AJC_3465 AJC_3464 AJC_3463 AJC_3462 AJC_3460 AJC_3459 AJC_3458 AJC_3457 AJC_3456 AJC_3455 AJC_3454 AJC_3453 AJC_3452 AJC_3451 AJC_3449 AJC_3448 AJC_3447 AJC_3446 AJC_3444 AJC_3443 AJC_3442 AJC_3441 AJC_3440 AJC_3439 AJC_3438 AJC_3437 AJC_3436 AJC_3434 AJC_3433 AJC_3432 AJC_3431 AJC_3430 AJC_3429 AJC_3427 AJC_3426 AJC_3424 AJC_3423 AJC_3422 AJC_3421 AJC_3420 AJC_3419 AJC_3418 AJC_3417 AJC_3416 AJC_3415 AJC_3413 AJC_3412 AJC_3411 AJC_3410 AJC_3409 AJC_3408 AJC_3405 AJC_3404 AJC_3403 AJC_3402 AJC_3401 AJC_3400 AJC_3398 AJC_3397 AJC_3396 AJC_3395 AJC_3394 AJC_3393 AJC_3392 AJC_3391 AJC_3390 AJC_3389 AJC_3387 AJC_3386 AJC_3385 AJC_3384 AJC_3383 AJC_3381 AJC_3380 AJC_3379 AJC_3378 AJC_3377 AJC_3376 AJC_3374 AJC_3373 AJC_3372 AJC_3371 AJC_3370 AJC_3369 AJC_3368 AJC_3367 AJC_3366 AJC_3365 AJC_3363 AJC_3361 AJC_3360 AJC_3359 AJC_3358 AJC_3356 AJC_3355 AJC_3354 AJC_3352 AJC_3350 AJC_3349 AJC_3348 AJC_3347 AJC_3346 AJC_3345 AJC_3344 AJC_3343 AJC_3342 AJC_3341 AJC_3340 AJC_3338 AJC_3337 AJC_3336 AJC_3335 AJC_3334 AJC_3333 AJC_3331 AJC_3330 AJC_3328 AJC_3327 AJC_3325 AJC_3323 AJC_3322 AJC_3321 AJC_3320 AJC_3319 AJC_3318 AJC_3317 AJC_3316 AJC_3315 AJC_3314 AJC_3313 AJC_3312 AJC_3311 AJC_3310 AJC_3309 AJC_3308 AJC_3307 AJC_3306 AJC_3305 AJC_3303 AJC_3302 AJC_3301 AJC_3300 AJC_3299 AJC_3298 AJC_3297 AJC_3296 AJC_3295 AJC_3294 AJC_3293 AJC_3292 AJC_3291 AJC_3290 AJC_3289 AJC_3288 AJC_3287 AJC_3286 AJC_3285 AJC_3284 AJC_3283 AJC_3282 AJC_3281 AJC_3280 AJC_3279 AJC_3278 AJC_3276 AJC_3275 AJC_3273 AJC_3272 AJC_3271 AJC_3270 AJC_3269 AJC_3268 AJC_3266 AJC_3265 AJC_3264 AJC_3263 AJC_3262 AJC_3261 AJC_3260 AJC_3259 AJC_3258 AJC_3257 AJC_3256 AJC_3255 AJC_3253 AJC_3252 AJC_3251 AJC_3249 AJC_3248 AJC_3247 AJC_3246 AJC_3245 AJC_3244 AJC_3242 AJC_3241 AJC_3240 AJC_3239 AJC_3238 AJC_3237 AJC_3235 AJC_3234 AJC_3233 AJC_3231 AJC_3226 AJC_3225 AJC_3223 AJC_3220