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Sunday Sailors Summer Series 2018-19 Race 2 – Beaten by the Clock

Thursday, 25th October 2018

Race 2 became as much a race against the weather as it was between yachts. Observations from Fawkner Beacon show the breeze easing steadily as the morning progressed. It was at its strongest (7 knots!) at 930 and by 1230 there was no breeze. Although some yachts were able to pass others during the first four legs of the race, the time between first and last yacht to pass SYC 4 had barely changed from the start. The 26 yacht fleet had started 49 minutes 5 seconds apart and the 22 yachts (4 retired) that continued to sail past SYC 4 were 48 minutes 5 seconds apart. By the time the yachts sailed through SYC 4 the breeze was between 4 and 5 knots
and dropped even further. It became apparent that no one was going to complete the 10.1 nautical mile course 28 and arrangements were made to shorten the course at SYC 2. Unfortunately no one was able to complete the shortened course within the 1230 time limit therefore the race was abandoned. Read more…