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A Slow Start but the Race Accelerated – Wednesday Wonders Winter Series 2018 Race 23

Saturday, 8th September 2018

It’s not unusual for races with a northerly start to have slower start times. This was no exception with the median start time of 37.5 seconds for this race being more than twice the series average. Even the Start of the Day winning time of 8 seconds recorded by ARCH DE TRIOMPHE (Murray/Davis/Taylor) was well above the series average winning start time of 1.2 seconds. However the race accelerated as the wind speed increased, supplemented by frequent gusts from the north. Fawkner Beacon recorded an average of 18 knots from between the NNW and NNE. There was a fleet of 30 yachts to start the race but with 2 retirements only 28 finished. The course was the 7 leg 9.8 nautical mile course 24. The fleet started 47 minutes 32 seconds apart, was18 minutes 46 seconds apart at the first rounding of SYC 4 and finished 21 minutes 56 seconds apart … Read More