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Sandringham Yacht Club providing a Community Safe Harbour

Friday, 21st April 2017

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As part of its ongoing commitment to the Community, Sandringham Yacht Club has recently installed a Community Neighbourhood Watch Gate.

Positioned at the main entrance to the Club, the gate has been installed to assist members of the community if they are in the area and feeling distressed or unsafe – they can access the Club via this gate and SYC staff will assist and call the relevant emergency service provider whether that be the police or ambulance. The area is also under 24/7 CCTV surveillance. 

This addition to the local area will give peace of mind to the many users of the area. Whilst in the heart of the Sandringham Harbour, the Sandringham foreshore area is removed from the hustle of Beach Rd and the area attracts thousands of visitors per month in summer including joggers, dog walkers, recreational walkers, fishermen, sailors and beach goers. Whilst seasonal, there are still thousands of regular users year round and SYC and NHW would like everyone to know they have a safe harbour and refuge at SYC should the need arise. 

SYC was awarded some dollar for dollar Federal funding under the Stronger Communities Programme (SCP) for the installation of the gate – which included a pedestrian walkway, reconstruction of the Clubs entry and the addition of CCTV, lighting and signage.

Federal Member for Goldstein Tim Wilson commented

“Yacht clubs are an important part of our local social infrastructure. That’s why it is so important Sandringham provides a safe environment, and the Turnbull Government is proud to have provided a Community Neighbourhood Watch Gate through the Stronger Communities Programme”.

SYC is committed to providing a Community Safe Harbour on a site wide basis – on the water the Club regularly provides support for boat owners, paddle boarders and wind surfers in distress on Port Phillip. Whilst performing rescues is not a core function of the Club, if they have boats on the water and conditions permit, the Club will do their best to assist should the need arise. Additionally the Club is regularly used as a safe harbour by recreational water users when on water conditions become dangerous.

“SYC is community minded and we are committed to providing a community safe harbour – and whilst we have been doing it on the water for decades, this Neighborhood Watch Gate is a land based way we can assist the Community” commented CEO Richard Hewett.

SYC also regularly contributes to a range of charitable endeavours with significant fundraising commitments conducted annually for both the Sandringham Hospital and Challenge, Kids with Cancer.

For more information please contact Richard Hewett, SYC 9599 0999 /