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Recreational Boating November’s Guest Speaker was Hugh Pilsworth

Monday, 19th November 2018

Hugh is an SYC member who has recently completed a double circumnavigation. His travels have taken him to every ocean of the world and many, many countries. On several legs of his voyage he had fellow SYC members as crew. At his presentation Hugh spoke of some the highlights of his trip. Going on safari in South Africa, visiting tiny islands in the South Pacific that can only be accessed by boat, the different islands of the Caribbean, the unique wildlife of different locations, to mention just a few. He also spoke about some of the things that can go wrong. Problems with sails, electrics and rigging all featured.

Of much interest to the audience was footage taken by two of his crew of their transit of the Panama Canal. These crew members were two young South Africans, who had gained sponsorship from the Ocean Cruising Club (OCC) to introduce young people to ocean cruising. There were many question at the conclusion of his presentation, by members keen to learn more about his experiences.

Many thanks to Hugh for his informative and inspiring talk.