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Recreational Boating Mid-Winter Raft Up Wrap Up

Wednesday, 7th August 2019

On a very nice winter’s day our fleet was swelled to 10 as last minute sign ups responded to the good weather.

We made our way north in light winds and rafted up to the Northern end of the Royal Melbourne yacht Squadron wharf. Many thanks to Royal Melbourne – again!!

Lunch was the usual mixture with Affinity (the Doggetts) running their BBQ – we could all smell the cooking and a mixture of sandwiches, slices, quiches, sausage in bacon and sushi, washed down in appropriate style.

The craft ranged from 50 foot sail (Affinity and Blue Flyer) to Pekeri, and large motor cruisers, Steve Aulich’s new cat and Maid of Martha. A 50/50 mix.

A reverse quiz was held. Either the question or the answer were given, with the crew to supply an appropriate question or answer. Everyone was very creative with their responses and there were many laughs along away!

The return trip was made under light winds with an overcast but dry sky.

Very enjoyable