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Recreational Boating March Long Weekend Cruise In Company

Saturday, 18th March 2017

What  a  magic  way  to  spend  the  Labour  Day  long  weekend.  Great weather, great company and time spent messing around on boats!

Ten  boats  headed  down  the  Bay  on  Saturday  morning  aiming  for Queenscliff.  It  was  a  very  pleasant  day  with  flat  seas  but  not  quite enough wind for most of the yachts. Oh well, on with the motor and look forward to the destination. Most boats spent the night at QCYC, many making use of the pizza oven.  What a fantastic selection of toppings.

After  dinner  George  Shaw  hosted  a  quiz  session,  with  much  laughter shared and prizes, presented by Gill Stubbs, for the best answers. With the  winds  picking  up  overnight  and  coming  from  the  east  there  was much  discussion  about  destinations  for  the  next  day.

The  group planning  on  overnighting  at  Martha  Cove  waited  until  the  wind  had dropped  below  20  knots  and  headed  out  the  Cut  at  about  midday  on Sunday  in  brilliant  sunshine.  Sails  were  soon  hoisted  and  all  were looking  forward  to  a  pleasant  sail  but  alas  the  wind  had  abated completely. So on with the Iron Sail again. Entering Martha Cove was a nervous time for some as the depth at the sandbar at the entrance was a concern. All managed to enter without touching the bottom but it was very close for some. Refreshments and stories were shared on the dock before dinner. A beautiful sunset in totally calm conditions, Magic! After dinner  most  crews  found  their  way  to  Meltemi  for  dessert  and  more shared stories. After a leisurely breakfast most boats headed out for the trip back to SYC.  Light breezes greeted us again but there was just enough to tempt Endurance and Kaos to hoist their spinnakers. Three hours  later  it  was  time  to  drop  them  and  enjoy  an  exhilarating  beam reach for the last hour back to SYC. Meltemi and The Secretary had to wait  for  high  tide  in  the afternoon  but  they  too enjoyed  a  great  sail back.

matha cove