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Recreational Boating March Long Weekend Cruise in Company

Friday, 1st April 2022

March saw another excellent turn out for the Cruise in Company fleet, with 21 SYC boats heading down to Queenscliff on the Saturday of the Labour Day long weekend. With great weather and almost 60 members present, the SYC team settled in for one of those lovely QCYC sunsets on the deck and a great catch up.

Sunday saw another ideal weather day as we split into two separate cruise groups, one half heading out the bay for a further 8 days (a 9 day trip in total) and the other half heading off to their next destination for the remainder of the long weekend three day cruise.

The short cruise group headed up to Wyndham Harbour for the Sunday evening and along the way got to see a spectacular display of offshore power boat racing up close (and boy do they move, at up to 200 kph). After another fun and somewhat eventful day on the water, the crews all caught up for sundowners and a dock party as the sun set. The final day of the short cruise turned out to be interesting too, waking up to a pea soup fog that appeared to lift and then resettled just after most boats had set course for SYC. Thankfully the sun and a nice 10 knot southerly won out, helping to clear the fog and presenting an enjoyable sail home.

While for the long cruise group, what was planned to be a trip to Refuge Cove and around Bass Strait was modified into a Plan B trip to Western Port when 30+ knot easterlies were forecast throughout the week ahead. That said though, the team on this cruise did make the most of the changed cruise itinerary. The Sunday sail out of the Heads down to Cleeland Bight set off in good sailing conditions with a motor sail needed at the end into the evening’s anchorage. Monday brought the opportunity for a sail back around into Western Port proper, with conditions being favourable for a run close to the coast and a good look at Seal Rock and the Nobbies, on to an anchorage off Cowes. With rain in the morning the decision was made to stay at anchor on the Tuesday and enjoy a bit of time in Cowes, finished off with a group barbeque ashore watching another great sunset and the fleet at anchor. Wednesday brought the chance for some sailing and on water sight-seeing around most of Western Port, including the sighting a Collins Class submarine heading out to sea, all while on the way to an eventual anchorage off Stock Yard Point on the eastern side of French Island. Thursday was an easy sail to Point Leo and an early afternoon anchoring, followed by activities and sundowners on the beach. With Friday presenting a beautiful conditions (a nice 15 knot south easterly and a gentle 1 m swell) the group set sail back to Port Phillip, entering through the Heads in comfortable conditions for an evening stay at QCYC. After 200nm of sailing out of the Bay, a number of the boats decided to spend a relaxing Saturday at QCYC, returning to SYC on the Sunday. All having thoroughly enjoyed the time away from SYC.