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Recreational Boating Fishing Competition Friday 13 November until 11am Sunday 15 November

Sunday, 1st November 2020

Hey, We’re On! We’re On!

Yes, after a couple of years of difficult weather, unfriendly Snapper, and now the dreaded lockdown, many might have thought that the 2020 Fishing Competition might never eventuate! But we are back, and with a new format.

This year the SYC Members fishing competition is going to be held over three days, enabling greater participation and providing a better opportunity of success with weather and tidal changes. You can fish between 11am Friday 13 November until 11am Sunday 15 November. The first fifty entrants are assured of a generous bag of goodies including a SYC hand towel. Entry fee is $20 per boat, and Yachts are welcome.

New Club and Government guidelines will affect some aspects of running this event. We will guide you through these demands and make the Competition as friendly and easy as possible.

Hope to see you on the water and at the weigh ins on Saturday morning and afternoon and Sunday morning.

Click here to enter and to read all the sign on requirements.