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Recreational Boating Christmas Party Wrap up!

Saturday, 15th December 2018

On a glorious Wednesday evening 120 people sat down to the annual Recreational Boating Christmas Party.

A week before we only had 47 bookings but our worries vanished in a last minute rush of enthusiasts.

The cooks were Peter Hickey and Bruce Saunders, the organisers and directors were Kate McCutcheon and Dawn Cleaver.

George Shaw sold the raffle tickets and above us all hovered Maddie Commins and the SYC staff – the real heroes of the evening.

At the last minute we shifted to OTB because of the weather- many thanks to OTB for your unwitting help.

The brass band played Christmas carols with great aplomb and the meal (with one drink only) was served in a machine like manner, until we ran out of cooked hamburgers. Panic ensued as we had to cook more.

A great night was had by all, with many staying past 10 PM – even though we had cleared the tables and chairs away from under them.