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A Record Breaking Race Wednesday Wonders Summer Series 2018-19 Race 11

Saturday, 15th December 2018

The handicapper was busy and made a record number of handicap adjustments. The median start time of 20 seconds was the slowest this series. It’s necessary to go back to race 10 of the 2015 WW winter series to find a winning margin greater than the 14 minutes 3 seconds recorded in this race. Yachts that are usually among the fastest in the fleet, found themselves with slower than expected elapsed times in the longest race of the series. Despite starting with a breeze of 17 knots the 9.8 nautical mile course 25 was shortened. Observations at Fawkner Beacon indicated there was a northerly breeze of about 12 knots for the afternoon. What the observations didn’t show was the patches of variable breezes that became more widespread as the race progressed. Being able to find and make good use of the slivers of breeze contributed to an unusual result … Read More