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Recent and Upcoming Maintenance Works

Tuesday, 13th November 2018


Members and SYC Stakeholders,

As part of SYC ongoing maintenance and capital works please note the following updates;

  1. Travel Lift – some months ago we ordered 4 new motor hoists and chain for the travel lift and the works are now ready to get underway. Assuming there are no other unforeseen delays or weather interruptions, the travel lift will not be in operation on Wednesday 21 November and Thursday 22 November whilst these works are conducted onsite. Assuming the works go to plan, the lift will be back in operation on Friday 23 November.  SYC is investing approximately $40,000 in these considerable proactive maintenance works on top of the $8,000 we spent recently on the new travel lift jib crane.
  2. Marina Entry – the new marina sliding door entry has now been fitted and is operational. Based on operational feedback, we are keeping the doors ajar during working hours Mon-Fri. No doubt this will make it easier for you to transport your working equipment to and from the marina without having to contest with the old clunky marina gate – we hope you enjoy the improvement.   
  3. New Fuel System – the new 24/7 fuel dispensing kiosk has been installed. It works with both our existing prepaid white fuel cards and with credit cards.

We trust these ongoing improvements and maintenance works are good news.

Please also note this Sunday is the annual Club Marine Discover Sailing Day at SYC. With a promising weather forecast, and very strong pre-registrations, we hope to have a great turn out. It would be great if you could ensure the external areas around your tenancies or work spaces in the yard are cleaned up – we are all on show. Last year 1200 people came through the Club, all entering through the yard. Thanks in advance.