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Pavarotti meets Elvis Lunch + Show – Sunday 24 June

136664_elvis pavarotti

Back by popular demand, Pavarotti will meet Elvis again at SYC in 2018.

Angelo Falcone, the closest singing Pavarotti look-a-like in the world.  If you close your eyes and enjoy the talents of Angelo, you would believe it was the real Pavarotti serenading you, but you really don’t have to close your eyes, because the likeness is uncanny.

Then there is Damian Mullin as Elvis…he will have the ladies in the room blushing!  Not only is his voice and accent spot on, he looks the part in his studded jumpsuit as he struts around the audience, kisses some lucky ladies and sits on their knees, while acknowledges the gents in the room with a friendly handshake.  Damian has some very funny lines and entertains both through singing and a cheeky sense of humor!

Pavarotti and Elvis sing solos and join each other on stage for renditions of English versions of Neapolitan Classics which have been performed by both entertainers over time.

Both entertainers are assisted by a five piece band headed by Maestro Gianni Turcio, whose talents are amazing.