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Optimist State Championships Coach/Support Boat Agreement

Optimist State Championships Coach / Support Boat Agreement


Boat Details

Terms and Conditions of entry

1. The craft shall only be moored in the location as directed by SYC staff or representative. Specifically vessels are not to be moored at the crane or launching ramp pontoons at any time.

2. Unleaded petrol and diesel fuel is available at the Fuel jetty 24/7. Coach Boats are requested to only refuel before racing each day and Race Management vessels will have priority refuelling access after each day’s racing.

3. Vehicles and trailers must be removed from the yard and parked outside SYC premises immediately after launching. Car and trailer parking is available at Trey Bit Reserve.

4. All boats must have a VHF radio, and maintain a listening watch on the channels specified by the Race Management. All skippers must attend a briefing with Race Management.

5. Coach / support boats must have documented evidence showing current public liability insurance to the value of $5,000,000 as a minimum ($10,000,000 preferred).

6. Coach / support boats will assist in the event of an emergency if directed to do so by the Race Management.

7. Coach / support boats may not enter the race area, unless directed to do so by the Race Management and or Umpire Team.

8. Through submitting my entry, I have read and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions above as well as complying with the other rules and regulations governing the event.