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November Guest Speaker


Recreational Boating is committed to education and safety as part of their charter.  Every second-month SYC hold guest speaker evenings on a variety of interesting and informative topics – navigation debriefs of cruises in company, fishing hints and tips, radio techniques, marine diesel maintenance, and many other topics including combined speaker nights with Sail through the winter months.

Our November Guest Speaker evening is November 14 2018 at 7:30pm in the Port Phillip Room.

What’s it like to circumnavigate the world?

Our November Guest Speaker is Hugh Pilsworth.

Hugh is a member of the Ocean Cruising Club (OCC) and SYC member who has recently completed a circumnavigation of the world. He was awarded the 2017 “Trophy of Australia” by the OCC for his circumnavigation and encouragement and willingness to introduce crew to offshore cruising. Hugh has many stories to tell and would like to share some of his own experiences about what happens when doing an extended voyage. As well as visiting, many beautiful and exotic locations there are many challenges along the way.

It is not all blue skies and fair winds!

How do you find parts and fix broken equipment when you are thousands of miles from home?

What do you need to know before entering a new country?

What do you need to do when departing a foreign country?

Please join us on Wednesday 14th November at 7:30pm in the Port Phillip Room, to hear all of Hugh’s stories.

No RSVP required, all welcome

Before the meeting come and enjoy a meal … Meals available in the Harbour View Restaurant from 6 pm, bookings can be made by calling the Clubhouse reception on 9599 0999; alternatively, take advantage of our current food and beverage offers in the Members’ Bar from 6 pm (servery closing at 8:30 pm).