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August Guest Speaker


Recreational Boating is committed to education and safety as part of their charter.  Every second-month SYC hold guest speaker evenings on a variety of interesting and informative topics – navigation debriefs of cruises in company, fishing hints and tips, radio techniques, marine diesel maintenance, and many other topics including combined speaker nights with Sail through the winter months.

Our August Guest Speaker evening is Wednesday 21 August 2019 at 7:30pm in the Port Phillip Room.

Peter Turrell
40 people, 30 days, 10 Boats and 1200 nautical miles

Peter Turrell is a 20 year plus member of Sandringham Yacht Club, and is a previous Captain of Recreational Boating. He is also the current holder of the Wayne Reed Trophy having won the fishing competition in October 2018.

In February 2019 he participated in a cruise around Tasmania, starting in Port Philip. This involved 10 power boats, 40 people, and 1200 nautical miles over 30 days. This is the fifth trip Peter has completed into and across Bass Strait.

Peter is also a very keen photographer having won several prestigious awards with his camera work.

These interests have coincided in a book that is being prepared, covering this trip, with Peter providing the photos and the narrative for what promises to be a spectacular offering, documenting their trip around the fantastic Tasmanian coastline.

Peter will cover the highlights of this epic adventure in visuals and words, and will also address trip preparation.

This will be a great night, enhanced if you want, by dinner in the member’s bar beforehand.

Wednesday August 21st, 7.30 PM in the Port Philip Room


Before the meeting come and enjoy a meal … Meals available in the Harbour View Restaurant from 6 pm, bookings can be made by calling the Clubhouse reception on 9599 0999; alternatively, take advantage of our current food and beverage offers in the Members’ Bar from 6 pm (servery closing at 8:30 pm).

**Don’t forget – you earn 1 point towards your Member Participation Scheme for attending these events**