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Labour Day Weekend Cruise in Company


The 2020 Labour Day cruise is planned to take place within Port Phillip – that is a Bass Strait leg is not being offered.

The likely itinerary will be something like:

Division 1

  • Saturday 7th March: SYC to Queenscliff
  • Sunday 8th March: Queenscliff to Hobsons Bay
  • Monday 9th March: Hobsons Bay return to SYC, or continue

Division 2

  • Monday 9th March: Hobsons Bay to Portarlington at anchor (Beaumaris Bay or Blairgowrie)
  • Tuesday 10th March:Port Arlington to anchorage (Beaumaris Bay or Blairgowrie)
  • Wednesday 11th March:anchorage (Beaumaris Bay or Blairgowrie) to Martha Cove
  • Thursday 12th March: Martha Cove to SYC
  • Friday 13th March: Spare

Clearly it will be weather dependant but this approximates the planned schedule.

The aim is to have a relaxed wander around the bay, visiting some venues we don’t normally go to, and enjoying one or two nights at anchor with a flat sea and beach to swim at.

Visiting each other’s boats will be an added highlight!!

Click here to view cruise notes.

Bookings are now closed

**Don’t forget – you earn 3 points towards your Members Participation Scheme for this event**