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Bass Strait Cruise in Company


Expression of Interest

9 March – 11 March – 17 March 2019

Recreational Boating Committee invites all SYC members to experience the world’s most beautiful views, unwind in the silence, relax with the gentle glide of the vessel through the waters while enjoying the company of your fellow members and experiencing the warm hospitality of our port destinations.

Normally the March Cruise in Company (CIC) – held Labour Day Week – is offered in two lengths,

  1. A three day cruise within Port Phillip (possibly SYC-Martha Cove-Queenscliff – SYC for example),
  2. A longer version: SYC-Martha Cove – Queenscliff- and then outside the heads.

Unfortunately over the last few years a combination of weather and poor responses has meant the second longer option has not been successful. Although not yet decided,  we are looking at the second, longer option, being 5-6 days within Port Philip, not in Bass Strait. However there has been some feedback that an “outside the heads cruise” is wanted.

Recreational Boating Committee invites all SYC members to express their interest by filling out an expression of interest, click here to fill out the form. 

We will also be hold an evening to GAUGE interest on destinations on Tuesday 11th December at 7pm in the Training auditorium, no RSVP required.

Don’t forget – you earn 3 points towards your Members Participation Scheme for this event**