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Are you getting the best from your boat?

Michah Shuwalow

Michah Shuwalow

Sandringham Yacht Club is offering FREE LESSONS for members that have entered as a Block Series Entry.

Have a professional sailor on board to assist you as you race.  Bookings essential as there are only a limited number of sessions available, contact: Michah Shuwalow, Training & Development Manager on 9599 0909 or email:

All our SYCBA courses may also be taken on a private basis with only you, your family and friends on board with the instructor on your yacht or motor boat. This is perfect for refresher lessons for sailing skills that need improvement. It is also popular with couples and families.

It is especially good for families with younger children, so talk to us about your plans.  We can fit your schedule or holidays and design a program to match your needs.

Advantages and benefits of private tuition: 

  • Builds your skills further and delves into greater depth of knowledge
  • Gives you practical experience to help you gain a better understanding of yacht handling
  • Very flexible and prefers to fit in with your requirements
  • Private tuition means you don’t need to share a boat with people that you don’t know
  • You’ll receive more individual attention than would be possible on a group course

Michah unreservedly knows the importance of a debrief.  After all, a sail or race is just a sail or a race until a debrief is done.  This is when the learning occurs.  It becomes a “teachable moment” for everyone.  Michah will provide you with a debrief of information about what was important, what lessons presented themselves and sheds lights on dynamics and behaviours that participants might not have been aware of.

Subject to availability, contact Michah today!