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Notice of By-Law Amendment – May 2018

Thursday, 10th May 2018

Dear Members,

Notice of By-Law Amendment

In accordance with Section 34.3 of the Constitution, I am notifying you that the following amendments have been made by General Committee (GC) to the Sandringham Yacht Club By-Laws:

Section 3.4 Car Park and the addition of Policy 23 Car Park Usage

– In a bid to assist with car park behavior, the Club has set out some additional detail in Section 3.4 and in Policy 23 which talks about Car Park Usage. Section 3.4 always existed but upon request, we have set out some standards in the policy.

To view the updated By-Laws please go to the website – they are available as both a pdf and or an on screen readable file.

If you have any queries please let me know so that I may assist.

Yours truly,


Richard Hewett
Chief Executive Officer