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Long Race Results in Big Winning Margin Wednesday Wonders Summer Series 2019-20 Race 4

Wednesday, 6th November 2019

The warm and sunny weather encouraged a fleet of 43 yachts to compete in the 4th race of the series. This is the largest fleet since race 21 of the previous summer series. At 10.7 nautical miles it was the longest race so far with MIDNIGHT MAGIC (Bernadette Moore) receiving good value for money with a sail of 4:05:02. It wasn’t a “text book” pursuit race with 41 yachts finishing 52 minutes 26 seconds apart after being 38 minutes 51 seconds apart at SYC 4 from starting 55 minutes 47 seconds apart. There was a southerly breeze for the earlier part of the race which shifted to the south south west in the latter stages. It averaged about 11 knots for the afternoon increasing from 9 to about 13 knots by 1430 before easing to 8 knots and increasing again during the later part of the race. A choppy sea proved difficult for some yachts to handle when the breeze eased …. Read More