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Lifejacket Order Form

A man overboard and rescue in a Winter Series Wednesday race, was a timely reminder that the wearing of PFD’s should be encouraged and compulsory on days when the Race Officer considers the conditions potentially dangerous and displays Code Flag “Y” at the start.  Under the Racing Rules, failure to adhere to that requirement may not only compromise your safety but result in disqualification from the race.

Safety Audits also reflect that not all on board lifejackets are comfortable and convenient to wear.  The Club has negotiated a deal with a supplier to offer a range of lifejackets at a reduced the price for it’s members.  There are a few types on offer, a manually inflatable version and an automatic inflatable type which inflates when immersed in water. We are also offering harness versions of these as per the following illustrations and pricing.  It is highly recommended that the optional crotch strap be included for optimum safety and compliance.

To order please complete the following order form.  Payment will be processed through your club account. The offer will be available until the end of November and the jackets will be delivered to the club. You will be advised when and where to collect your purchase.

Given that the servicing of lifejackets costs approximately $50, the prices are very reasonable and the initiative is a great opportunity to upgrade your existing jackets.  Members are encouraged to take the opportunity to purchase and wear these jackets when racing.

Rowan Simpson
Sail Captain


Boat Owners Details

Manual Inflation $75

without harness or crotch strap

Automatic Inflation $95

without harness or crotch strap

Crotch Strap $8

Manual with Harness $100

includes crotch strap

Automatic with Harness $110

includes crotch strap