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Level 3 Clean Marina – a team effort

Wednesday, 21st December 2016

Team effort keeps SYC on track as Clean Marina      

Sandringham Yacht Club (SYC) has continued its Level 3 Clean Marina accreditation following a recent review by the Marina Industries Association (MIA).

The Level 3 Clean Marina status acknowledges the achievement of rigorous environment management systems held by a marina that is evaluated every three years by the MIA. The 100 point audit determines how environmentally friendly and efficient a marina is.

Such criteria include but are not limited to boat maintenance and storage solutions, emergency equipment on site, recycling programs and boat education practices held by a Club. A solid performance by SYC secured a 100% score including three extra credit points for having a 60,000 litre water tank collecting run – off from the Clubhouse, implementing the Hunter Green Program and partnering with Veolia to support the Clubhouse and boat yard recycling program.

Since the Facilities Master Plan was actioned in 2003 SYC has seen a three- sixty turnaround in how it relates to being an environmentally friendly Marina. This plan put SYC in the forefront of marinas Australia wide and continues to be heavily supported by its members. 

“The 100% compliance SYC secured under the Clean Marina program is indicative of our long term commitment to the environment – and external audits such as these are healthy to keep things on track” stated CEO Richard Hewett.   

Sandringham Yacht Club first received its Level 3 Clean Marina status in 2007. This status has been maintained now for just short of a decade. In 2013 Sandringham Yacht Club received the MIA Marina of the Year Award for having the most outstanding Club marina in Australia. This is just one of the twenty prestigious awards SYC has picked up in the last decade.

Other worthy mentions include the ‘Keep Australia Beautiful Award’ received in 2004 for their high quality boat yard pollution control methods and the two industry ‘Environment Awards’ received in 2007 and 2009 for club wide initiatives. SYC has partnered with Veolia Environmental Services, an internationally recognised waste removal company, who were consulted upon the planning of the new Club and continue to assist in many ways,  

“At Veolia we pride ourselves on being Australia’s environmental services leader in all facets of waste management and resource recovery – and our partnership with SYC ensures we help them manage their marina, boat yard and food and beverage waste in a smart and meaningful manner’ said Victorian State Manager Simon Tori.

The marina industry in Australia represents over 20% of all economic activity which generates close to AU $1.4b in gross turnover each year and employment for over 23 000 people. Sandringham Yacht Club is one of nine marinas in Victoria and sixty- four marinas nation-wide to be dubbed a Level 3 Clean Marina status, an impressive feat representing only 18% of the nation’s marinas.  

Marinas are an important part in local communities; they provide recreational and social opportunities, a safe environment for boat storage and a great interface for public waterside awareness. Being a ‘clean marina’ improves the environmental conditions in the local area, benefitting local ecosystems and local businesses to generally reduce pollution impacts.  

Sandringham Yacht Club is now an accepted benchmark in Australia and Internationally as a boating facility with an efficiently developed and managed marina and boat yard maintenance facilities using sustainable environmental management practices as an integral part of its operation.

With accolades galore and members who support such innovative thinking Sandringham Yacht Club is well aligned to achieve future eco-friendly initiatives alongside the Marine Industries Association.


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