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Cooked Meals & Meat Orders for SYC Members

Thursday, 19th March 2020

Hi Everyone

We are a resilient Club and have been for our entire 109 year existence. As is beautifully articulated in our Centenary Book “Under Full Sail”, we have endured two world wars and survived an economic depression, several recessions, two devastating fires, numerous storms and some unfortunate accidents. With your help we will navigate this current challenge.

So whilst the virus may mean a temporary reduction in some club services, over the next 48 hours we would like to help our Members (and any of your special friends) in need by offering;

  • Home Cooked Meals – Our head chef Kol has turned the Port Phillip Room kitchen into a mini-production kitchen. Through our meat & veg suppliers, we can still get produce. So a couple of the chefs have been cooking up a storm. The items will vary but will include things like ….
    1. Lamb Shank $14
    2. Thai Red Chicken Curry $12
    3. Pumpkin Soup $8
    4. Gnocchi with Napoli $10
    5. Katsu Don Chicken Schnitzel $12

Please pop into Ken King and pick it up……Sunday 10am – 4pm and Monday to Friday from 12noon – 6pm. It will be a pick up and run – and Kol will keep topping up with various items.

  • Home Delivered Home Cooked Meals for our Members – whilst we aren’t well equipped to set up a home delivery service, if you are struggling to get out and about and would prefer to stay at home, we will do our best to deliver the food to you. The only caveat is you don’t live in Sydney …. You need to be somewhat close-by, ideally within 15km. And as the food is fresh, you need to be home. If you aren’t close-by, and would like us to find a way to get some food to you then discuss this with us. Call the Club on 9599 0999.
  • Meat Supplies / Order Direct & Home Delivery – our awesome meat supplier “Meat 2 Please” has been smashed by the virus too and his business is way down. But that’s good news for you as he has lots of fresh meat he can sell you – he has put together a small essential list of items you can order direct – see the attached form. Meat 2 Please are super keen to help us in this time of need. If you’d like to place an order simply fill in their attached form…. And deal with them direct, including delivery. Note, there is a minimum order of $150 and a $10 delivery fee! To find out more on what’s available, click here.
  • Wine & Beer – having to close down means all our fridges are full of some of our favourite wine and beers. Whilst we aren’t price competitive like the big players, it would be great if we could offload this stock over the next 48 hours in a one off clearance. 

If you’d like to purchase anything from the Club we need to insist on card payments, for both cashflow reasons and also we don’t wish to handle cash.  

If there is anything else we can do for you in this time of need, let me know personally and I will try and assist you. SYC has wonderful staff who we are absolutely determined to keep employed and if we can help you, it will be of mutual benefit in many ways.

Warm Regards & Stay Safe,

Ps If you are reading this and you’d like to help us drive some of these goods to our elderly Members, then please let my team know.

Richard Hewett

Chief Executive
Sandringham Yacht Club