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Club Persons of the Year

Wednesday, 25th November 2020

The 2020 Club Person of Year Award was awarded at the AGM on Tuesday 24 November.  This year it was actually a Club Persons, plural, of the Year award, and was awarded to two very deserving SYC Members, James and Chris Mitchell, whom have demonstrated outstanding service to SYC in 2019/2020.

2019/2020 saw SYC’s biggest Summer of Sailing with five Laser regattas being held only months and sometimes, weeks apart from November 2019 – February 2020. As the key organisers of these regattas, here is some of what they delivered;

  • Delivered 5 regattas including 3 World Championships
  • These events attracted 725 competitors from 55 countries
  • Those competitors were accompanied by 156 coaches
  • The events were held over 26 competition (regatta) days
  • In all there were 200 volunteers enlisted to help deliver these events
  • Managed the budgeting, billeting, accommodation, functions, environmental / sustainability initiatives and unbelievable camaraderie

And it wasn’t an easy feat;

  • They spent 2 years planning for the execution of these events
  • They spent 4 months full time (took time off work) to be involved in the events delivery
  • As Olympic qualifiers, the standard of these regattas was very much run to Olympic standard
  • Were the face of the regatta for many of the stakeholders … essentially spent their life at the Club to ensure their successful delivery including engaging on all levels – boat park rubbish pickups, washing boats, sign on / sign off, Regatta Office, food distribution pre-race & post etc, etc

James and Chris also raised the profile of SYC within the Community and to our interstate and international competitors and their guests.  And the feedback from all has been overwhelming and is a true reflection of the standard to which our winners delivered these regattas.

Congratulations James and Chris.