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SYC Training Academy Committee




General Committee Representative

The SYC Training Academy Committee is established to ensure the Academy delivers an overall sailing pathways offer that is valued by the members, introduces the community to the sport and helps deliver the Clubs strategic planning initiatives

The Academy committee shall:

  1. ensure the academy’s vision, mission and overall offer is aligned to the Clubs strategic plan.
  2. ensure the academy offers valued training to the Members.
  3. strive to ensure the academy is producing crew and coming up with proactive initiatives to match crew with syc boat owners.
  4. oversee the clubs sailing pathway offer, ensuring it is a balanced offer (member / non-member training) and on an ongoing basis, assesses the viability of individual programs.
  5. annually ratify the academy’s operations manual and recommend policies regarding the conduct of the academy and instructors.
  6. annually ratify the academy’s business plan.
  7. monitor customer feedback.
  8. put in place and monitor a monthly reporting format which tracks academy students, our conversion rates and reports this to GC.
  9. deal with any matters the boating sub-committees or General Committee may request.