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2020 Recreational Boating Fishing Competition Winners

Sunday, 15th November 2020

What a great weekend to have the annual Recreational Boating Fishing competition! Competitors had 48 hours From Friday at 11 am till Sunday at 11 am to fish and could weigh in at three allocated times across the weekend. Some of the participants got lucky with their catches, While others were not so lucky!  Thank you to R  Marine Jacksons for sponsoring the event. Congratulations to the following winners! 

Wayne Read TrophyAndrew Read4.55kg Snapper
Biggest FlatheadDean Weissbacher0.93kg 
Weirdest Catch Mal BillingsPort Jackson Shark
Heaviest Catch Wayne Reid5.2kg Snapper (withdrew entry from Wayne Read trophy)

Winners can collect their prizes from the boating office.

The below are the list of participants catches! Well done to all.


Wayne Read5.2kg
Andrew Read4.55kg
Paul Liddiatt3.93kg
Jason Gillies3.75kg


Dean Weissbacher0.93kg
Paul Gray0.89kg
Paul Gray0.80kg
Paul Liddiatt0.55kg