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Thursday, 26th July 2018

George Shaw was the well deserving winner of the 2018 Club Person of the Year Award, presented at the Annual Ball on Saturday 21 July.  However, he unfortunately couldn’t be there on the night as he was away assisting a fellow member on a boat delivery trip and this in itself starts to paint the picture of the man he is.

Commodore Rob Davis’ preamble prior to the announcement was:

By way of background, tonight’s winner has been a member of SYC for just under 23 years and in that time has served on General Committee, The Recreational Boating Committee, as well as being a trustee of the SYC Foundation.

He has owned at least three keelboats in that time and campaigns actively in both ocean racing and club racing.

Whatever he does, he is always working tirelessly organising something for the benefit of the club and its members… He is another absolute enthusiast for the sport and for the club, and is someone who just wants to share the joys of our sport with other people.

He’s a “wheeler and dealer”, highly persuasive and some might even say the consummate salesman, but he gets things done which is the sort of person all clubs need.

He is always happy to take people out on his boat whether novice or experienced, and assists each year taking the Sea Scouts sailing, as well as kids with cancer as part of the Challenge program.

I’ve had the privilege of working closely with this gentleman over the past year, and I say gentleman because he is indeed genuinely that.

My involvement with him came through the Melbourne to Osaka Yacht race this year and I was astounded by his commitment and passion for this race and for its competitors.

I mentioned he was a great organiser earlier, and in relation to the Osaka race he was responsible for such things as;

  • Securing the race sponsorship & getting the Melbourne city council to be involved
  • Engaging with the Osaka Yacht club
  • Having the Tallship, STS Young Endeavour, as the start vessel
  • Having a Navy band at the start of the race & getting the Roulettes to do a fly over 
  • And assisting many of the competitors with their race preparations

The list goes on, but by now I’m sure you get the theme and most likely know the winner.

It gives me great pleasure to announce, the 2018 Club Person of the year is; George Shaw.”

Recreational Boating Club Captain, Michael Kostos accepted the award on George’s behalf and couldn’t add much more to how Rob had portrayed George and said that there wasn’t a more worthy winner.

Congratulations George!