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2017 Stirrer of the Year – Daniel Edwards

Friday, 28th July 2017

Daniel crop 2

The 2017 Stirrer Award was announced at the Annual Ball on Saturday 22 July.

Commodore Rob Davis’ description of the winner was:

  • He’s always the first person to volunteer his assistance, and regularly just pops in to the Boating office to offer “is there anything I can do to help you guys out”.
  • He has achieved much racing success in recent times and covered many ocean miles, while providing a multitude of people with the opportunity to sail on his boat and enjoy our sport.
  • He is a fierce competitor, known at times to be vocal on the racecourse, but a stickler for the rules none the less.
  • He’s never backwards in coming forward with an opinion, even if it’s a bit out there sometimes, but always delivered with the best of intentions & the type of creativity we encourage.
  • Overall, he is an enthusiastic, humorous, and cheerful character… One of my favourite lines of his that he always uses at New Member Nights is “I only live two turns away from the Yacht Club, in North Ringwood”!

And with that, Rob announced the winner as Daniel Edwards.

Daniel was clearly pleased to receive this award and made a humble response to the Commodores announcement, including correcting Rob, that he is actually very local to the club, as he only lives six streets from SYC (all be it, six very long streets leading to the Yarra Valley!). Daniel started by borrowing the quote from last year’s award winner, Tommy Raft, saying that he agrees that it is the amazing people and their significant contribution that make SYC such a great club, however, he added that as an Architect, we are so lucky to have such great club buildings and facilities. Daniel took this opportunity to thank and acknowledge the wisdom and foresight of so many past leaders of SYC, who made the huge decisions to invest in our great club facilities, including the boating assets, floating marina, boat yard and fantastic club house, all of which us members now get to enjoy and benefit from.

Congratulations Daniel!